Why Register in the Isle of Man

There are many advantages in registering your vessel in the Isle of Man, principal among them:

  • Political and Financial stability - the Isle of Man has a long history of a political stability and is an OECD ‘white-listed’ jurisdiction
  • Mortgage Registration - providing flexibility and security of finance
  • Ownership - extensive list of accepted countries for ship ownership structures
  • English Law - the Isle of Man operates on a system of English law
  • Demise/Parallel Registration - the Isle of Man enables parallel registration with other states, both demise-in and demise-out registration to provide solutions for owners.
  • British register - flying the British Red Ensign as a badge of quality
  • Professional services - the Isle of Man offers the full range of professional maritime services to assist with the registration, ownership and management of vessels and crew
  • Port State Control - strong performance on MOU white lists and USCG Qualship 21 program
  • Out-of-hours registration to suit shipyard times/closing meetings around the world
  • 24/7 emergency response by Principal Surveyors (key decision makers)
  • Ease for shipyards - no change required to convention standard ship specifications
  • Technical expertise - in-house survey and policy teams on hand for advice and consultation
  • Network of surveyors - in key global shipping locations
  • Pragmatic approach to regulation with a focus on solutions
  • Customer service - strong focus on swift response and building relationships
  • Flag State Inspection regime using its own exclusive surveyors
  • Fees - simple annual fee providing cost effective registration, inspection and certification
  • Seafarers Documents - rapid, on-line process for STCW endorsements
  • All vessel types - a team fully experienced in the full range of merchant ships, offshore vessels and commercial and pleasure yachts.

Download the Isle of Man Guide for Yachts here.