Pleasure Yacht Plus

Pleasure yacht plus is a new product which has been developed by the Isle of Man Ship Registry, and was launched at the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show.

Pleasure Yacht Plus has been developed in response to changes within the yachting industry, whereby Owners are increasingly weary of the ever increasing complexity of commercial yachting. Many, therefore, are choosing to own a pleasure yacht instead, but this can often have the unintended consequence of reducing levels of safety and crew welfare, since pleasure yachts are not routinely inspected by a third party.

Pleasure Yacht Plus aims to combine the flexibility of owning pleasure yachts with the peace of mind that comes from regular external oversight of the yacht. The Scheme allows yachts to voluntarily be surveyed under the following standards:

  • Large Yacht Code
  • ISM Code
  • ISPS Code
  • Maritime Labour Convention

Since compliance is voluntary, we can tailor a package to each yacht's individual needs, based on any or all of the above.