Fast & Simple Isle of Man Yacht Registration

Welcome to our website which will guide you through the requirements for Isle of Man yacht registration. With our help you'll be registering your yacht and other pleasure craft quickly. When you are ready to register whatever type of yacht you've chosen, as long as you have all the correct documents, it should only take only a few business days to complete.

You will receive a 6-month provisional registration in order to complete the documentation for yacht registration Isle of Man. This might be a deletion certificate in which the previous owner states that the yacht is no longer registered in the Isle of Man. As long as you can provide the proper documentation, the Isle of Man Registrar of Ships will issue a permanent registration to the new owner once the 6-month provisional registration has expired. If you do not have all documentation, you will be given an additional 6-month extension to collect all needed documents.

Need to register a Mega Yacht? Visit our Mega Yacht VAT Deferment website for more information!

Choose Your Yacht Type

Commercial Yachts

A yacht may be eligible for commercial registration provided it is at least 24m in Load Line length and commercially classed with a Classification Society recognised by the Isle of Man.

Pleasure Yachts

The Isle of Man register currently holds over 300 pleasure yachts of every size and type. Guidance with respect to statutory requirements for such vessels is provided herein.

Pleasure Yacht Plus

Pleasure Yacht Plus has been developed in response to changes within the yachting industry, whereby Owners are increasingly weary of the ever increasing complexity of commercial yachting.

Isle of Man Yacht Registration Testimonials

"Our family has always maintained several yachts in Europe for both business and recreational purposes. We were recently looking to have our boats registered in the Isle Of Man, which was recommended to us by several of our board members. Yacht Registration Isle of Man handled the entire registration process from start to finish. Everything went smoothly and we couldn't be more impressed with the level of service they displayed!"

Robert R.

New York, New York

"If anyone is looking for a new country for their yacht or ship registration, I highly suggest considering the Isle of Man. There are so many benefits of having your yacht registered in the Isle of Man. From the taxes to the convenience factor of being located so close to other major ports. This agency is beyond capable of handling all of your registration needs."

Oliver B.

London, England